Why Email is Much More Important than Social Media for Your Small Business

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Email has been around longer than social media, and it will be around long after some other technology has replaced social media. Email is even older than the internet itself.

If you are interested in increasing your small business revenues, you are much better off investing in email than you are investing in social media. […]

Email isn’t as sexy, but it consistently delivers results

All social media platforms operate under the walled garden premise. As a business, you are a guest. At any moment, you can be kicked out of the garden.

Email is an open standard. Unlike with social media, you own your business data. Ownership of data is critical for long term success in the information economy, even if your business isn’t a traditional information-based business. Yoga teachers, piano teachers, and music stores need an email list more than they need a social media presence.

The Algorithms Giveth and the Algorithms Taketh

Several years ago, Facebook business pages were a hot trend. Some social media “experts” were even claiming these pages made having your own website obsolete. Facebook business pages made it easy to send messages directly to anyone who liked your page.[...]

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