SEO vs PPC: A Quick Guide to Online Marketing

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SEO vs PPC: A Quick Guide to Online Marketing

Search engine marketing is better than Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing on almost every occasion. However, there are many times when the search engines are not your friend, in which case the SEO vs PPC argument starts to apply. […]

Robert Clough, “SEO vs PPC: A Quick Guide to Online Marketing”,, Search Engine Guide, 10/07/19. Click here to view original web page

Here are the answers to the questions you haven't asked yet but should and which will guide your marketing strategy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Ranking up the search engines is just as important as being seen on the search engines. Nevertheless, your main priority should be to get yourself on the search engines like Google, Bing, and Ask, (Yahoo uses Bing's index). Once you are on those search engines, your website will also become available on every app, online crawler, and search website that uses the same indexes.

PPC (Pay Per Click)
If you are paying for clicks so that people land on your website, then you need to get value for money. Sometimes, the value doesn't come back via a profit, but through brand dissemination, social validation, or whatever marketing goal you are trying to achieve.[...]

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