What Is Content Marketing, And How Can Your Business Use It to Sell?

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What Is Content Marketing, And How Can Your Business Use It to Sell?

The customer life cycle of a product or service is a delicate process to manage. You need to find the right customers, convince them to make a purchase and keep their interest so they continue to come back. But how do people find out about your business?

How can you show how useful your service is to the right people? And how do you keep existing customers interested?

If your answer to those questions is to advertise on traditional channels, like TV, radio, billboards and the like, it’s possible you’ll see a good return on investment. But you’re not targeting a particular audience with such a broad marketing approach. If you don’t have a clear definition of your brand story, your target audience or where to contact them, there’s no way to give prospective customers what they need or want to hear.

Content marketing involves all the material that’s created for a specific audience to help build your brand and engage your audience. It merges your brand messaging with your audience’s desires and needs to create an experience or an emotional connection. Each deliverable has a particular intent; your purpose may be to notify existing customers of a new feature, to educate prospective customers of your product’s uses, to increase brand awareness or to accomplish something else entirely. […]

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